WATCH: Aqib Talib threatens receiver after dirty hit incites brawl

In addition to being one of the NFL’s top cornerbacks, Aqib Talib is not to be trifled with, on or off the field.

 In a sport full of dudes you don’t want to mess with, Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib is at the top of the list. Earlier this offseason, Talib missed the team’s trip to the White House because he was shot in the leg by what he claimed was an “unknown assailant.” Police later ruled that Talib Shot himself, so either Talib did shoot himself or he ain’t no snitch. Either way, a gunshot wound did not force him to miss any regular season games.



Let’s now transition to the field. In a game against Talib’s Broncos, Titans journeymen receiver Harry Douglas hit Broncos CB Chris Harris Jr. with a cheap shot, diving at his knees, potentially causing a major injury. Harris did not hold back when talking about Douglas and the hit.

I have never had a player try to end my career like that. That was dirty and he should be fined.

Chris Harris Jr.



Luckily, Harris Jr. was not injured on the play, but Talib did not take kindly to the receiver trying to injure his teammate. The NFL is quick to protect players from being struck in the head, but the right shot to a knee can end a player’s career. Talib wanted to let Douglas know, that kind of shit doesn’t fly when he’s on the field.

After the scuffle the teams were separated and the game when on without much conflict. After the game however Talib had some choice words for Douglas, letting him know the beef is not over.

As I mentioned earlier Talib is not a man to be trifled with. My advice is Douglas is to enter some kind of NFL witness protection program, definitely do not go to Atlanta, in fact don’t go anywhere near Talib, maybe even leave the country until things cool down.

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