WATCH: NFL punter knocked out cold during trick play

Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan absorbed one of the most vicious hits you’ll see on a football field after the ‘Hawks opted to go for a fake punt in the fourth quarter with a three touchdown lead.

The football gods don’t take kindly to these sorts of shennanigans – running up the score with gimmicks and gadget plays when the game is well out of hand, and punter Jon Ryan paid the price for coach Pete Carroll’s unscrupulous trickeration.

Football-wise, it was a great call. You could have driven a jumbo jet through the hole in the Rams defense that Ryan galloped through. But he never expected to get as far as he did. Run for a first down, maybe. But he was halfway to the end zone. Those are uncharted waters for Ryan.

By the time he crossed midfield, sensing the impending hit from an angry Rams defender, he tensed up and the ball popped out. Ryan’s spider sense is ultimately what led to his demise. He thought, “Oh shit, I’m about to get hit,” and then his fear manifested itself in the worst way possible.

Check out this disaster frame by frame:

The good news: despite how it may look, Jon Ryan is not dead! Or at least according to his wife’s Twitter account:

The Seahawks clinched the NFC West by winning this game, and Jon Ryan’s fake punt run and the Seahawks’ subsequent fumble recovery iced the game.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll defended the controversial call after the game.

We had a tremendous preparation for an opportunity to take that we knew could be like a turnover in the game.

The opportunity that we took, it gave us a chance to hold onto the football and not give them even the chance to get the ball back. What more could I do to help my team?

It worked perfectly, except for the end of it was terrible.

Pete Carroll

It was a good call that ended poorly. These guys are getting paid millions of dollars to compete; there’s no such thing as running up the score in pro sports. These are grown ass men. And at the end of of the day, the NFL is about one thing: winning. Just ask Jon Ryan.

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