WATCH: Nation’s No. 2 recruit sends arena into frenzy with grown man dunk

High school phenom Zion Williamson has taken the internet by storm going viral not once, but twice with his gravity defying hops. The 5-Star recruit coming out of South Carolina is ranked No. 2 in the nation and rightfully so. Zion first went viral after he put up 47 points and made it look like a walk in the park. His dunk after dunk performance electrifies the crowd on a level you’d probably never seen before. Watch:

Zion is clearly playing like a man amongst boys, handing out disrespectful dunks like free halloween candy. Did I mention he’s only a junior? That’s right, this 16-year-old is a part of the 2018 class, which is stacked with talent. Check out the top 10 recruits:

Williamson has made such a name for himself recently that even Steph Curry had to comment:

But anyway, back to what brought you here in the first place. During a recent game against Ben Lippen, the Spartanburg Day forward jammed an insane alley-oop windmill dunk. Seriously, watch how high he gets and how effortless he made it look. Watch below!


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He’s 6’7” and 230lbs of baby-man muscle.

No word yet on what school he’s committed to, but just looking at what he can do athletically there’s no question it’s just a matter of what school he prefers.

Colleges better get ready to roll out the red carpet for this kid, he’s good enough to change an entire program around and put on a show while he’s doing it. Let’s be honest, when he finally does decide, it’s safe to say he won’t be there long.

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