Steph Curry to get 400% raise with new deal

A new CBA was solidified in meetings with players and NBA commissioner Adam Silver that could give Steph Curry the richest contract in NBA history next season. Curry’s 4 year $44 million extension penned in 2013 is soon to be up and the new CBA benefits veteran superstar players who have already reached certain career benchmarks. Curry has already met those benchmarks.

We’re talking about …coming up with some additional opportunities for the incumbent team to retain the player…

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Curry’s current salary rings in around $11 million per year and under the old CBA would only allow him to increase to a max deal worth 30% of the salary cap. The new deal allows him to get to 35%. That would mean Steph could triple his yearly income from $11 million to $36 million with the final year of his contract, if he signs a max deal, being worth $47 million in the 2021-2022 season. That is a shit load of money.



The new rules are supposed to help small market teams maintain their superstars by being able to offer then more money when their initial contracts are up than opposing teams. Teams can now keep two designated veterans at a max deal where the previous CBA only allowed for one. Kevin Durant’s departure from OKC could be the reason this new rule was implemented but either way it looks like Steph is one lucky son of a gun.

If both Curry and Durant are under max deals, will the Warriors be able to keep anyone else? Thompson and Green are under contract long term, but virtually no one is from the bench. Could guys like Thompson and Green find somewhere else to play for more money? Time will be the only thing that can give that answer and we won’t have to think about that until after someone raises the Larry O’Brien trophy over the head and kisses it and takes a million selfies with it.

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