WATCH: Jordan Reed punches NFL player in helmet with bare hand

At 26-years-old, Jordan Reed of the Washington Redskins is currently one of the best young tight ends in the NFL. But his lack of maturity reared its ugly head during the team’s recent game against the Carolina Panthers.

Toward the end of the third quarter at Washington’s FedEx Field, the Redskins and Reed lined up for a run play that eventually resulted in Redskins running back Rob Kelley getting tackled for a two-yard loss.

Despite the play coming to a close, Reed continued to hold onto the jersey of Panthers safety Kurt Coleman and to no one’s surprise, Coleman did not appreciate this. The safety was eventually able to break free from Reed’s grasp, before administering a punch straight to Coleman’s helmet.

The tight end was immediately ejected from the game after the play and he could possibly face a suspension from the league. Not to mention the obvious stupidity of punching a helmet with the hands you use to make a living.

Reed was probably angry about the cheap shot he received from Tre Boston, the Carolina defensive back, earlier in the game. But that’s not an excuse to let the opposing defense get into your head.

Will Reed now be facing a suspension by the league for his punch? (Photo Source: Twitter)
Will Reed now be facing a suspension by the league for his punch? (Photo Source: Twitter)

Already playing in the game with an injured shoulder, Reed finished the night against the Panthers with just one catch for six yards. Definitely not the performance Washington needed from their star tight end to help them stay in the NFC playoff race.

With his injured shoulder, and now an ejection that leaves his status up in the air for the next Redskins game, Reed’s walk to the locker room could be his last of the season.

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