Mike Tyson finally gives Evander Holyfield his ear back

It’s the season for putting all our history behind us and coming together.

“The Bite Fight”, happened nearly 20 years ago.

Here we see Mike attempt to build a bridge and return Evander’s ear in what was a beautifully sequenced moment. Fully exploiting Mike’s speech impediment, he explains to Evander that he kept it in form…formalde….formaldehyde to preserve it. How many takes did it take him to nail that I wonder?

Ask anyone in the medical profession about Formaldehyde and they will explain its cruel irony. Used to preserve cadavers, a young medical student can expect a heightened appetite after being exposed to this substance.

Can you imagine feeling hungry immediatley after you’ve touched, and probably opened, a dead body?

Not to mention the coincidence of Mike’s peculiar appetite being the reason for said ear in the first place.

At least there’s no bad blood between these two. I can’t say I would share Evander’s forgiveness if someone removed any part of my body with their mouth.

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