Cop who fought Kimbo Slice bareknuckle has gun, badge seized

Sean Gannon is a many things, but if you had to distill his existence into a sentence, he’s a legend formed through the crucible of combat; the only man to ever beat Kimbo Slice (R.I.P.) in a bareknuckle fight. Here’s the video that started it all:

Oh, he’s also a cop. And a six-time Golden Gloves champ.

Source: Weebly

It’s worth nothing that the fight between Gannon and Kimbo was a charity fundraiser; all the money from DVD sales went directly to St. Jude’s Children’s hospital. These guys beat the shit out of each other to raise money for sick kids, not on some weirdo Fight Club shit or because they didn’t like each other.

Kimbo deserves a lot of credit here too, he essentially agreed to fight for free for charity, and never felt the need to brag about it.

That’s the kind of guy he was, despite the rough exterior, always doing the right thing and never looking for a pat on the back afterwards. And that’s what this sport is all about.

Sean Gannon on Kimbo Slice via

Despite the good intentions behind the fight, Gannon caught flak in the media after the video circulated.

12 years later, Gannon is in more hot water than ever. Not that he hasn’t been on double secret probation for the past decade for ruffling some feathers within the Boston Police Department.

The 20-year police veteran has spent the past 10 years on desk duty after refusing to pull out of a UFC fight (different than the fight with Kimbo – a 100% legit, sanctioned UFC fight, though the Kimbo fight is what caught the attention of UFC in the first place) he was granted permission to participate in.

I had been granted official permission for state-sanctioned fights (no more Undergrounds) so I didn’t think it would be an issue. However, a few weeks before the event, they suddenly withdrew permission to fight.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but there was no way I could NOT go to the UFC. That’s like training your whole life for the Olympics, and then being told you can’t go…you’re going to go.

Sean Gannon via

In retaliation for his insubordination, the powers that be have kept Gannon – the kind of guy you want patrolling your streets – behind a desk for 10 years, claiming two concussions he sustained during his fighting career prevent him from being able to do badass cop shit, resulting in a protracted legal battle between Gannon and the BPD that’s cost taxpayers over $1 million so far.

The first time I overslept roll call, I woke up with officers illegally in my apartment. Like Schoolcraft, they seized my service weapon and put me on desk duty. Keep in mind, this is after I had already been cleared medically, and had been doing regular patrol again without incident.

I had actually rescued several small children and also arrested a very dangerous pimp/rapist/human trafficker in the brief time between fighting in the UFC and being put on desk duty.

Sean Gannon via

Nevermind the guy is literally a fucking MENSA member and his brother, who is CEO of a Silicon Valley tech company and graduate from MIT, describes him as the smartest one in the family.

However, the stakes have been raised recently after Gannon was ordered to turn in his badge and gun for turning in a dirty cop to the FBI.

Here’s Sean summarizing his situation in his own words:

Turned in a dirty cop that was framing innocent black teens, and went to the FBI with documents alleging a sexual assault and police cover up. My reward was being relieved of duty and ordered to turn in my badge and gun.

Sean Gannon via Reddit

Apparently, that’s what he gets for rocking the boat; for standing up for what’s right instead of looking the other way. For doing what a cop should do.

The courts have 90 days to determine whether the Boston Police Department acted illegally in seizing Gannon’s gun and badge.

As far as I can tell, and I’ve gone deep into the internet looking at this, Sean Gannon is legit; a total badass and standup guy who’s being railroaded by a police department more concerned with protecting its image than its citizens. And that’s whack as fuck.


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