WATCH: 346-Pound lineman throws game clinching TD pass

With 1:55 left in the 4th quarter, defensive tackle Dontari Poe put the game away, throwing a 2-yard touchdown pass, and becoming the heaviest player with a passing TD in NFL history.

With so many teams struggling to find a reliable quarterback, Andy Reid decided to stunt on a division rival, using his 346-pound defensive tackle to throw a 4th quarter touchdown pass.


Donatri Poe is best known for stuffing the run and anchoring one of the best defensive line in the NFL. That touchdown pass however, put him in the record books, for the 2nd time.

Poe now holds the record for heaviest player with a rushing touchdown and heaviest player with a passing touchdown. Poe has the next heaviest passer beat by about 80 pounds, so mover over Roger Maris, Dontari Poe has put his name in the conversation of unbreakable sports records.

Fat guy touchdowns are always more fun, but Poe is no ordinary fat guy. Like most lineman in the NFL Poe is a freak athlete who juts happens to be over 300 pounds.

Poe ran a 4.98 40 yard dash at the 2012 combine. Just to put that in perspective, Jameis Winston ran a 4.97 at his workout and he is about 120 pounds lighter than Poe.

In case you were wondering, he catches touchdowns, too. Poe has now completed the NFL trifecta, a touchdown run, throw and pass. He definitely belongs in the fat guy hall of fame.

Critics accused Chiefs coach Andy Reid of running up the score because Poe’s touchdown pass came when Kansas City essentially had the game locked up, but if your the Broncos you have to look in the mirror. If you can’t stop a play called “The Bloated Tebow” where a 350 pound man throws a jump pass touchdown, you deserve to lose. Especially when that same 350 pound man threw for more touchdowns in that game than your starting quarterback.

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