WATCH: Top prospect LaMelo Ball his shot then drains half-court pull-up

High School sophomore and top prospect LaMelo Ball called his shot, then drained a half- court jumper that would make Steph Curry proud.

LaMelo is one of three Ball brothers all with immense basketball talent, but it was little brother’s night to shine. His half-court shot was one of the best plays all year. Not only did he call his shot, after he made it he turned around like he just hit a free throw, it was just too easy for him.

Unless you’re a true hoop head, you may not have heard of LaMelo Ball. The 16-year-old sophomore guard, who plays for Chino Hills High School is the star on a team that is undefeated in their last 47 games. He and his brother LiAngelo have lead Chino Hills to a 13-0 record to start the season, and last year with the help of their oldest brother Lonzo, (who now plays for UCLA), they were crowned state champions.

Lonzo is slated to be a top 5 pick pick in the upcoming NBA draft. LaMelo, on the other hand, has two more years of high school left before he takes his talents to UCLA. He committed to the Bruins when he was just 13 years old. If shots like these are a sign of things the come LaMelo will join his brother in the NBA soon enough. His half-court shot was Steph-like, pulling up from deep with ease, but adding a little swag at the end for good measure.


Even though I call LaMelo’s shot Steph-like, don’t be confused, Steph is the best shooter in NBA history and LaMelo has a few years before he’s even eligible for the draft. But he has obviously been taking notes from the great Steph Curry. Maybe LaMelo can try this one next.


Steph does things like this on a nightly basis, but even he has to give the young fella his props. What LaMelo did was awesome no matter what level you’re at.

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