WATCH: Russell Westbrook executes perfect “Shammgod” while collecting 22nd assist

Russell Westbrook executed a perfect Shammgod on the way to collecting his 22nd assist on the night, setting up Stephen Adams for a dunk and bringing the Thunder bench to their feet.

Check it out in slo-mo with sound:

The move is named for God Shammgod, a former McDonald’s All American who was taken by the Washington Wizards with the 17th pick of the 1997 draft. Hear the story of the move directly from God himself below. Shammgod’s part start at 1:44.

With level-headed Kevin Durant off to Golden State to chase championships, Russell Westbrook has become the guy in OKC. He’s averaging a triple double, with 32 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds every night. With numbers like those – he’s leading the league in scoring and second in assists – it’s gonna be hard to deny Russ the MVP trophy this year.

He’s been on one this year. Fuck Wheaties, homie’s been eating straight stem cells.


Westbrook is arguably the most athletic player in a league chalked full of freak athletes. The vigor that he plays with is unmatched. Yes, some of his fashion choices are..confusing.


Source: Pintrest
He looks like a time traveling nerd whose clothes are constructed of 80% parachute. (Image Source: Pintrest)


Source: Pintrest
He looks like a geisha who shit his pants. (Image Source: Pintrest)

But you play the way he does, you can show up in a god damn dress and nobody can say shit. He could go full Young Thug and nobody would bat an eye.

He’s undeniably one of the most exciting players in the NBA. In his eight years in the league, he’s racked up a litany of awards.

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

There are only two honors he has yet to claim: NBA MVP and NBA Champion.

One of those is closer than the other, but they’re both within sight. As long as Russ keeps doing his thing, he’ll eventually get that ring that he and Kevin Durant were never able to bring home.

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