WATCH: Clemson’s Christian Wilkins Sexually Assaults OSU Player During Game

During Clemson’s  Fiesta Bowl victory on Saturday, it seems defensive lineman Christian Wilkins couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Ultimately sexually assaulting OSU’s running back Curtis Samuels by grabbing the wrong pair of balls.
The headlines after watching Clemson completely obliterate Ohio State University in a 31 – 0 victory had nothing to do with the win and absolutely everything to do with the antics of Christian Wilkins. It seems he got a bit grabby during a play and made sure Ohio State running back Curtis Samuels felt his presence, but not in the way anyone expected:

Insane right? Well since then, Christian has apparently apologized saying:

But if you look at the full play, Christian went out of his way to get his grab in for what looks like no apparent reason at all as Curtis had already been tackled and the play was over:

Officials on the field didn’t penalize Wilkins. It’s not clear if that’s because they didn’t see what had happened or just didn’t think much of it. Curtis Samuels however, didn’t appreciate it and wanted to let Wilkins know:

Either way, Wilkins actions isn’t a representation of “competition” it’s sexual assault. And if we’re being frank, he got away with it because he’s on the No. 2 ranked team in the nation. Let’s hope Christian can use his talent on the field for it’s intended use when Clemson faces Alabama for the title. If not, I have a feeling the Crimson Tide won’t take too kindly to dirty plays like that, and rightfully so. 

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