Jackie Moon’s “granny style” free throw is back in the NBA

Ok, so this technique can’t be directly attributed to the fictional character from “Semi-Pro,” not to mention making it to the NBA was the crux of the movie, but close enough.

When Chinanu Onuaku completed his first year at Louisville one thing became clear, his free throw percentage was way too low. Short of options and immune from the impending ridicule, Onauka made a brave choice by deciding to throw “granny style.”

What a lesson in life from the 20-year-old Rookie.

This is what one of the most famous exponents of the underhand technique had to say:

“I just hope that players will realize that there’s no stigma to shooting it that way. It’s whether the ball goes in the basket or not — that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.”

Rick Barry.

Rick Barry

Let’s not forget that Ricke Barry led the NBA in free throw percentage 6 times. Not to mention the final 3 years of his career saw him average 92.4%, 94.7%, and 93.5% respectively.

As with most things in life, it doesn’t have to look pretty to be effective. Now everybody love everybody.

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