WATCH: Nick Young’s funny 3-point dance that “came to him in a dream”

Oh, Nick Young. There’s never a dull moment when you’re a part of the Lakers’ squad. Even going through a rebuilding phase, we can always count on Nick Young to give us a little more than we bargained for. His latest celebration is probably the reason why people call him “Swaggy P.”

When it comes to celebrating your own accomplishments no one does it bigger or better than Laker’s guard Nick Young. Last night against the Memphis Grizzlies the man we better know as “Swaggy P” poured in 20 points going 6 -11 from 3 point land, including this hilarious 3 pointer that resulted in rhythmic pelvic thrusts:

After the victory, Nick broke down what was the true inspiration to his improvised clebration, crediting John Travolta. Nick goes on to say:

It’s good to see Nick in better spirits this season as his career with the Lakers was up in the air at one point when D’Angelo Russell spilled the beans on Nick’s alleged cheating to then fiance Iggy Azalea. Since then, it looks like the guy’s patched things up and Nick has since worked his way up the lineup and 6th off the bench. We all know Swaggy isn’t necessarily the brightest star in the sky, but he sure as hell is fun to watch.

Even when things don’t really go his way like this infamous pre-mature celebration, that made every Laker fan cringe. Better luck next time Nick!:

It doesn’t get any more entertaining than Young. Let’s see what else Nick has up his sleeves.

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