WATCH: Kevin Garnett roasts Charles Barkley for calling him “borderline” hall of famer

If you had one word to describe Kevin Garnett, it would probably be “intense.” But don’t let his on-court demeanor fool you, KG’s got jokes for days, as he demonstrated on TNT by roasting Charles Barkley after Chuck called him a “borderline” hall of famer.

The laughs continue when Barkley, like the happy troll he is, claims that KG is old and washed up to get a rise out of him (skip to :40)

Garnett is arguably the most notorious NBA trash talker of the modern era. There’s a lotta guys out there flappin their gums, but nobody’s words cut deeper than his. There’s the time KG (allegedly) told Carmelo Anthony his wife, Lala, “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”

Lala "tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios"
Part of a complete breakfast

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Then there’s the time he told Charlie Villanueva, who has alopecia, that he “looked like a cancer patient.”

Garnett later walked that statement back (after he was crucified in the media), claiming he told Villanueva “you are cancerous to your team and our league” A likely story…

Trash talk has always been a part of Garnett’s game. Sure, his insults rubbed some people the wrong way, but he could give two shits. Watch KG speak on it in his own words below:

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My job is to stop you, so I don’t anticipate you liking me, I don’t anticipate tryna be my friend, cuz I’m not tryna be your friend.

Kevin Garnett

Doc Rivers, who coached KG when he won a title with the Celtics, had no issues with his on-court antics.

Kevin does nothing wrong. Plays the game the right way. I think all these people who call him out would take him on their team right now.

Doc Rivers


Source: Pintrest
Source: Pintrest

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After 21 seasons in the NBA, Garnett retired in September of 2016. A month later, he joined TNT’s broadcast team, who might be the only guys on TV who always make me laugh. Between Shaq, Chuck, and KG, there’s never a dull moment.

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