WATCH: Jordan Clarkson punches Goran Dragic, both ejected for fighting

Things got heated between the visiting Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers when Jordan Clarkson squared up with Goran Dragic and nearly started an in game brawl after a screen that went horribly wrong.

The Lakers guard most known for his interesting fashion sense and his relationship with Kardashian/Jenner hybrid Kendall Jenner, made headlines on his own accord when he quickly put his set up against Goran when things got chippy after a poorly executed screen.

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Source: Twitter

Wow, so Jordan Clarkson isn’t a punk after all? Though it wasn’t the fight fans were secretly hoping it would be, it was a refreshing surprise to see Jordan ditch the pretty boy act and hold his own (kind of). His street cred has always been in question, even by his former teammate Kobe Bryant. If you remember in Kobe’s farewell season, Jordan publicly admitted that Kobe would constantly call him soft, even went as far as to tell him to stop playing like a “light skinned dude.”

Well Jordan has since taken that advice and a few other tips the Black Mamba left with him. When asked why he put his hands up so quickly Jordan went on to say:

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Probably good advice since Kobe has had his own fair share of fights during his career, but looking back clearly he’s learned to keep his hands up from trial & error:

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The two scrappy guards ended up getting tossed from the game and Jordan Clarkson still remains the prettiest player on the Lakers squad (sorry Swaggy P). If it ever came down to it, my money would still be on Goran Dragic but Jordan’s set didn’t look too shabby (I’m just going to give him the benefit of the doubt). The altercation didn’t give him the street cred he desperately needs, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.


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