NCAA women’s basketball fight, 8 players ejected

UNLV’s Katie Powell just couldn’t take the dirty play of Utah State’s Antoina Robinson anymore and she let her know. With about a minute left in the in third quarter on Saturday, Powell went to help teammate Brooke Johnson when she bumped into Robinson. 

She bumped into me and then pushed me and then I just kind of swung at her.

-Katie Powell

A total of 8 players were eventually ejected after the melee. Benches cleared on both sides to try and break things up or defend teammates. Coaches, assistants, refs, and more were sent scattering around the floor trying to get the girls to return to the benches. UNLV Coach Kathy Olivier admitted that many freshman left the bench after the fight started and took the blame for not teaching them how to sit on their hands. Four player from each side were ejected.


They saw me go out there and wanted to try to help me, but I was helping the situation.

-UNLV Coach Kathy Olivier

The Lady Rebels went on to win the game in overtime, with only six players remaining. Utah only had eight remaining players. The final score was 55-53.

As many are pointing out, the MVP of the fight should go to the girl with one bum leg who hopped hard to get amongst the action. Watch closely and you can see her jumping off the bench and heading down the baseline toward the punch fest. Suspensions are expected to be handed down from the NCAA.

Many are drawing comparisons to the Utah State and UNLV fight back in 1990. Reserve center Chris Jeter started the mess with a headbutt to a Utah State player with seven seconds remaining. Then, right as the game ended, Jeter punched another Utah State player in the face. UNLV went on to win the NCAA Championship.

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