NFL player loses a bet to Antonio Brown, has to give up his Porsche

New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall recently had to fulfill his end of a bargain with Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown after the two agreed to a pricey wager before the start of the 2016 NFL season.

Back in July, Marshall was so happy that the Jets re-signed quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick that he challenged the Steelers’ Brown to have a better season than him. Not sure what kinds of supplements Marshall was taking during the offseason since almost no one gets excited about Fitzpatrick staying on their team, but it made the receiver happy for some reason.

Marshall and Brown agreed to a wager and the terms of the bet were simple: whoever has the most receiving yards at the end of the 2016 season receives a car from the loser.

If Marshall won, he would get a Rolls Royce. But if Brown won, Marshall would have to give the Pittsburgh receiver his Porsche (just another average wager).

@ab I’ve never seen you back down from a challenge. #race4pinks

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The NFL regular season recently came to an end and the results of this battle were not even close. Brown finished with 1,284 receiving yards in 2016 while Marshall ended the year with just 788.

Brown’s total for the season is the lowest it has been since 2012, so it should have been the perfect opportunity for Marshall to come out on the winning side of this bet. However, New York and their receiver had a year to forget and it resulted in Marshall having one of the worst statistical seasons in his 11-year career.

So since Brown won the wager between the two pass catchers, the terms of the bet had the Steelers’ receiver getting the keys to Marshall’s Porsche. However, Brown had another option for the Jets’ wide receiver if he did not want to give up his car.

Brandon Marshall showed his support for mental health awareness on his cleats earlier this season. (Photo Source: Twitter)
Brandon Marshall showed his support for mental health awareness on his cleats earlier this season. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Instead of handing over his Porsche, Brown allowed Marshall to donate the value of the car ($100,000) to an organization known as Project375. The organization’s purpose is to help those struggling with mental health issues, a cause that Marshall has been very supportive of over the past few years.

In the end, no cars were actually exchanged. But some actual good came out of something that originally began as an obnoxious bet between two millionaires.

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