WATCH: Seattle Seahawks receiver makes amazing videogame catch in real life

Paul Richardson made one of the best catches you’ll see all season. A one handed grab with a defender draped all over him. 

2014 2nd round pick Paul Richardson brought some deserved attention to an often-overlooked group of skill players in Seattle. With Tyler Lockett on IR, Richardson has stepped up in his absence. If he continues to make plays like this, the Seahawks may have found their x-factor moving forward in the playoffs.


You may have noticed Ricahrdson grabbing the defender’s facemask while he pulls in the catch with his other hand. By the letter of the law, you can make the argument for offensive pass interference. The people making those arguments are either haters or Lions fans, either way I feel sorry them. Don’t let a technicality ruin one of the best catches in playoff history. Enjoy the amazing feat of athleticism, the Lions we’re going to lose that game regardless. Blame the corner for getting “Mossed” by Richardson, not the ref for missing the call.

“Mossed” is a verb used when a receiver makes an unbelievable catch, usually with a defender in his or her face. Named of course, after one the best receivers to ever play the game, Randy Moss. The one handed-touchdown catch is one of the most awesome things in all of sports, we need more not less.


Beckham’s catch is still amazing to watch and will go down as one of the best in NFL history. Paul Richardson just had his Odell Beckham Jr. moment, an amazing catch on a big stage to help his team get a win. Comparing any catch to Odell’s isn’t really fair, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Richardson deserves his props for making an unbelievable catch. Those people still upset about the no call on the facemask, get over it. Enjoy a great play when it happens.

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