WATCH: Cocky football fan loses his pants after one-punch KO

Fighting is no more common at athletic events today than it has been in the past, but these days everyone can actually watch videos of the altercations. There have been some good fan fights during the 2016 NFL season but this is one of our favorites, between New York Giants fans and a lone Dallas Cowboy.

The footage shows a Cowboys fan mid-argument with a group of Giants fans (always a good idea to argue with a group of people) outside of the stadium. This video was apparently taken before the two teams met during the first week of the season, so the Dallas fan was likely still angry about his team losing their paper mâché quarterback, Tony Romo, to yet another injury.

But no matter what his reasoning was, it became irrelevant when he found himself becoming acquainted with the quick fist of one of the New York fans he was arguing with. That is it, one punch, that is all it took to get this Cowboys fan to the ground.

Even Ronda Rousy knows she could last longer than that.

Picking a fight with a group of people is probably not the best idea in the world when you are by yourself.
Picking a fight with a group of people is probably not the best idea in the world when you are by yourself.

The best part may have been that this guy’s wife or girlfriend was trying to hold him back and then eventually just decided to give up and let him get a punch to the face since he was trying to act so tough. When he was finally able to stand up, he at least knew better and removed himself from the situation.

But hold on for just a few more seconds, as this fight did not just have the ordinary, bland ending. Instead it had a grand finale worthy of a standing ovation.

As the Cowboys fan proceed to do his dizzy, Frankenstein walk away from the scene, his shorts decided it was best to flee the situation as well. So basically, the guy literally got the pants knocked off of himself.

It may be best for this fan to just walk away the next time he attempts to pick a fight with someone. Or at least make sure he does it after leg day at the gym.

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