WATCH: High school player shatters backboard with HUGE dunk

High school sports just aren’t what they used to be anymore. And that was proven when Heritage High guard Isaiah Banks shattered the backboard during an in game dunk. The best part about watching the senior’s powerful slam was his reaction (or lack thereof) as if he’s been shattering backboards all his young life!

Tuesday night, fans got a surprise when Banks threw down a Russell Westbrook-esque slam that shattered the backboard during a game that had to quickly be stopped.

Sometimes, a backboard will shatter because players hang on the rim. But this wasn’t that. This was a ferocious tomahawk dunk so powerful that the impact on the rim shattered the backboard. It was instant, and nothing short of impressive. It was also a game-ending dunk, as the game was called in the third quarter because of the damage with Heritage winning, 40-14.

Do you know how much power you need to shatter a backboard?! I did a little digging and an episode of Sports Science really puts into perspective what this kid just did. Watch:

Outside of a crazy buzzer beater, there is no better way to end a game then to literally break the rim. Check out what was left of the backboard.

This isn’t the first dunk Isaiah pulled off, apparently he’s been known to have high flying dunks. In any case, any other high schools left on Heritage’s schedule might want to consider having a backup backboard on hand when Isaiah’s on the court. The senior guard is making a name for himself, one broken rim at a time.

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