10 times MMA proved Meryl Streep wrong

Meryl Streep who, fun fact, was once called “not beautiful enough” by director Dino De Laurentis, received the honorary Cecil B. DeMille Golden Globe for lifetime achievement at the Golden Globes this weekend.

Great work, Meryl. However, it was her curious comments during the course of a disjointed anti-Trump rant that have some sports fans riled.

Hollywood is crawling with foreigners and if you kick them all out all you have to watch is football and Mixed Martial Arts. And those are not the arts.

Meryl Streep

As many have pointed out, her comments seem to indicate that not only are MMA and football not arts, but that they are somehow less inclusive than Hollywood, where pretty much everyone is white and beautiful.

Anyway, there was no reason for the star of Sophie’s Choice to throw shade, and we’re here to prove that MMA is indeed an art, goddamit.

A horror movie

If a horror movie is an art form, look no further than Anderson Silva snapping his tibia and fibula against Chris Weidman.

A great drama

There have been no shortages of great dramas in the history of UFC. Educate yourself (Meryl Streep)

A tragedy

How about Ronda Rousey’s the bird-shot-out-of-the-sky fall from grace against Holly Holm in 2015?

A comedy


Too many comic and tragicomic occurrences to name, but how about the absurd departure of the once-great Wanderlei Silva from MMA?

Silva was supposed to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 175. Silva, however, refused to answer the door when drug testing officials showed up at his home and later ran out the side door of the gym when he was approached there.

Needless to say, he was banned from the sport by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Few athletes closed the book on their careers by literally running for the door, but Silva did just that.

A ballet

Ever watched Anderson Silva fight? If he doesn’t have the grace of a ballerina, then neither does Mikhail Baryshnikov.

A painting

(Source: Sherdog)

No shortage of matches have left the UFC octagon looking like a Jackson Pollock painting.

A sculpture

Have you seen these men and women? Physiques that would put Michaelangelo’s David to shame!

A great sequel

Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir II – UFC 100, July 11, 2009

We’ll let Justin Faux of MMASucka.com tell the story.

When the biggest event in UFC history rolled around in 2009 Lesnar held the UFC heavyweight title and Mir held the interim UFC heavyweight title, it only made sense that they unify them at UFC 100.

This time around Lesnar was a more seasoned fighter having beat Randy Couture and Heath Herring as he systematically broke down and beat down Mir in mind-numbing fashion – Mir couldn’t stop him from getting the takedown and unloading with shots as he did until the action was ceased.

Post-fight chaos broke out as Lesnar got in the face of a bloodied and beaten Mir, flipped off the crowd, talked down on the UFC’s key sponsor and hinted that he was going to be getting busy with his wife, former WWE Diva and two-time Playboy cover girl Sable.

Justin Faux

A love story

Just kidding! There was no love lost between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier in the lead-up to their 2015 showdown.


Per Dictionary.com, engraving is defined as, “The art of forming designs by cutting, corrosion by acids, a photographic process, etc., on the surface of a metal plate, block of wood, or the like, for or as for the purpose of taking off impressions or prints of the design so formed.”

For our purposes, we’ll deal with fighters engraving one another’s faces with their various limbs.

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