Players, fans, and even baseball teams poke fun at Chargers’ move to LA

The San Diego Chargers have made it official, they are relocating the franchise to Los Angeles and leaving behind a city that supported them for the last 56 years. Just two years after having zero NFL teams in their city, Los Angeles is now the home for two of the league’s 32 squads.

For the residents of San Diego that have supported this team over the years, the majority of them are furious. One could even say that some of them were fired up about biding farewell to an ownership group that they felt betrayed them.

A number of current and former members of the Chargers organization took to social media to express how they felt about the team’s decision to bolt to Los Angeles.

In addition to announcing their relocation, the Chargers also released a new logo. One that they claim to be temporary and was only meant for marketing purposes.

But the logo looked eerily similar to one owned by another team that inhabits the city of Los Angeles (Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers).

Photo Source: Twitter
Photo Source: Twitter

This led to a number of other professional sports teams (mostly from minor league baseball) taking to the internet to reveal their “new” logos in an effort to rip the Chargers’ lackluster attempt at one themselves.

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