NFL player arrested for fleeing cops on ATV

Current Los Angeles Rams running back Tre Mason recently found himself behind bars yet again after being arrested for fleeing from police while riding an ATV back in July. Mason, who did not take the field for the Rams during the 2016 NFL season, has been finding his name in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons lately.

This is what he was doing in 2015:

Back in March of 2016, the running back was arrested during a traffic stop due to reckless driving, driving an unregistered vehicle, resisting arrest, and marijuana possession. After this arrest, Mason had the police called to the house he was living in at least five times leading up to the trouble he caused on the ATV in July.

He did not show up to the Rams’ training camp this season and was instead placed on the reserve/did not report list for the entire year. The reasoning for the designation was never made public but it was believed to be something related to Mason’s mental health.

“The organization’s position, including the league and the players’ association, is to take care of him and help him to get the help that he needs to get through this life crisis that he’s having.”

Jeff Fisher, former Rams coach speaking about Mason back in August

For most, Mason’s problems seemed to pop out of nowhere. Just 23 years old and already two seasons of NFL football under his belt, most would think his life would be just peachy.

But perhaps his years of playing football and getting drilled in the head by opposing players is truly having a negative effect on how his brain functions these days. His abnormal behavior is indeed a symptom for those who suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, also known as CTE.

For anyone who has followed football closely in the recent years, CTE and its effects have been a part of numerous hot topic discussions. But for good reason, as more people are continuing to learn the dramatic impact that CTE can have on a person’s basic ability to live.

No matter how good of a football player he is, what may be best for Tre Mason right now could be to walk away from the game for good. (Photo Source: Twitter)
No matter how good of a football player he is, what may be best for Tre Mason right now could be to walk away from the game for good. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Those who suffer from the disease could experience such symptoms as memory loss, erratic behavior, increased aggression, depression, and impaired judgement among others. The incidents that Mason has been involved in during the past year do sound like they could very well be a result of him suffering from from something like CTE.

Others may want to see the running back gain back the control of his mind and return to the field but that may not be the best option for him. If Mason wants to have an enjoyable life after his football career and not sleep in a jail cell for multiple years, it may be best for him to turn in his playbook and hang up his cleats for good.

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