WATCH: Goalie finishes fight with mean two piece combo

During an ECHL showdown between the Quad City Mallards and Cincinnati Cyclones, it went down…a goalie fight, that is.

Following the usual in-game arc of escalating tensions and eventual boil over, with all the chaos of a mallard caught up in a cyclone, if you will, things got crazy.

According to Bobby Metcalf of the Quad-City Times, the Mallards head coach, Terry Ruskowski, offered the following assessment of the pre-fight climate on ice.

It got a little spirited. I’d think frustration was probably building up and one thing led to another. Somebody hit our defenseman hard behind the net and Vay just went after him. I don’t like the situation but you have to have some sort of spirit or jump and everybody is flat right now.

Goalies Adam Vay and Michael Houser, made some sort of telepathic ice-length agreement to brawl, and each skated forth for fisticuffs.


For the record, Vay won the belt, thanks to a well-timed combination.

How did Vas vs. Houser stack up against the greatest goalie fights in history? Well, through the magic of YouTube, you can be the judge.

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