Fan grabs Suns’ TJ Warren during game to take selfie

Two fans decided that grabbing Phoenix Suns’ star forward TJ Warren during a game was the best time to try and take a selfie. When the Suns played the Mavericks in Mexico City, TJ ended up tripping out of bounds and into the stands, not knowing he’d be grabbed by two men for a quick flick.

Gotta love social media! Things got “muy caliente” in Mexico when the Suns and Mavs squared off for hometown fans. But things quickly took a turn when an overzealous fan grabbed TJ Warren for a picture. Now, I get it, some people react differently to seeing celebrities. But seriously, grabbing a stranger that you don’t know while he’s trying to do…well…his job is absolutely unacceptable.

Thankfully TJ Warren didn’t look too upset by the gesture but honestly if it were you, trying to take a selfie in the middle of a game is the ultimate “what the fuck” moment. Watch!

The worst part is, dude’s selfie was probably horrible! Here’s an even better look at what he did:

Source: Vine





Looking back it could have been a lot worse, at least the fan was happy to be close to TJ, and wanted to commemorate the moment with a picture. On the flip slide of things, some fans get in front of professional athletes and take a moment to let them know how much they hate them, like this fan did to Russell Westbrook during a Sixers game in Philadelphia:

Double middle fingers in a professional athlete’s face is not really floor seat etiquette but hey, to each their own. Some fans try to take random selfies and others like to flip birds, I think we can all agree: as long as there’s proper security and everyone stays safe, do as you please in the seats you paid for.

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