WATCH: OG Anunoby causes pandemonium with huge dunk

It can’t be easy having “OG” as a first name. That’s like being born on Christmas; tough for any kid. Luckily, OG Anunoby has been able to rise above, literally.

Oh my! Oh! It was like he got suspended! Ohhh!


That’s a grown man dunk. A 19-year-old shouldn’t be able to get up that high. Speaking of high, and OG, this clip from Friday gets me every time:

Yo wassup OG, triple OG, OG, triple, triple, OG…


OG, whose real name is Ogugua, was born in London and raised in Missouri. The University of Indiana sophomore has the blood of champions coursing through his veins.

His brother, Chigbo, has played for the Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, and Minnesota Vikings.

Here’s a video of Chigbo working out. Get those reps up!

Back to OG. At 6’8 with explosive athleticism, he has the physical tools to succeed at the next level if he can refine his game.

His powerhouse dunk against Maryland wasn’t the first time he’s gone off this season. He threw down a strong hammer against Louisville back on New Year’s Eve.

There aren’t too many British players in the NBA. While there have been a handful over the years, most notably James Donaldson and Ben Gordon, Luol Deng is currently the only Brit in the league, and even that comes with an asterisk, given that he was born in Sudan (now South Sudan) before being raised in England and becoming a naturalized citizen.

Whether or not OG Anunoby makes it to the NBA remains to be seen. It bodes well that his brother is a professional athlete, but OG still has a lot of work to do before he becomes a triple OG.

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