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Taken out of context, the anecdotes floating around about Wilt Chamberlain don’t make a whole lot of sense. Stories of a God-like player, bigger, stronger, and faster than everyone else. What he did on the court was legendary, but what he did off it was often more amazing. 

Here are 16 true stories about Wilt Chamberlain:

Standing 7’1 and weighing 300 pounds by the end of his career, Wilt routinely did things unthinkable for anyone else in the league. He had a season where he averaged 50 points a game. Another season where averaged 27 rebounds per night.

There has never been a player like Wilt. Sadly, he succumbed to a heart condition in 1999 at the age of 63. No longer with us physically, his memories endure; his legacy etched into the sports lexicon as the greatest athlete we’ve ever seen.


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