Robin Williams jokes about Dock Ellis, the MLB pitcher who tripped on LSD

Dock Ellis was playing for the Pittsburg Pirates when he started one of the most mythologised moments in sporting history.

There is much debate over this claim, as you would expect with something so outlandish. Ellis started taking drugs at the age of 14 and developed a dependency on them. Ellis later said that he never pitched a game without using drugs, specifically the amphetamines Benzedrine and Dexamyl. He eventually needed 70 to 85 milligrams (1.08–1.31 gr) per game.

Anyway, one day Ellis forgot he was pitching against the San Diego Padres in the evening. Having taken a tab in the morning, Dock was faced with the hideous task of getting his head together in time for the game. Just one more thing, Ellis D. – let that sink in for a moment.

Here’s Robin Williams’ take on the experience of having to pitch after such a hideous miscalculation:

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