James Harrison crushes postgame workout after victory

After his team’s victory in Kansas City, linebacker James Harrison went straight from the airport to the Steeler’s training facility. The 38-year-old Harrison celebrated a playoff victory just as you’d expect, putting up an inhuman amount of weight during 4:00 am workout session.

Take one look at James Harrison and tell me if that’s a dude you want to mess with. If you walk off a football field and are ready to put more strain on your body, I may have to question your sanity. James Harrison is, simply put, a physical freak of nature, and weight room monster.


Did I mention Harrison is 38 years old, a dinosaur in NFL terms, especially for a linebacker. With his career in its twilight, Harrison only seems to be getting stronger. He often takes to Instagram, to show the world he has not fallen off.


Harrison is a two time Super Bowl champ and 2008 defensive player of the year. One of the Steeler’s most effective defensive players all season, Harrison may be the scariest pass rusher still left in the playoffs. He strikes fear not only in the hearts of quarterbacks, but anyone who lines up across from him.


Harrison went undrafted in 2002 and even played for the Rhein Fire in Europe. He’s has been wreaking havoc on opposing offenses since he was resigned by the Steelers in 2005. He has worked his ass off to make it to the NFL. It’s not surprising to find him in a gym at 4:00 am after a victory.


Harrison is an ageless wonder, at 38 he is still arguably the most feared man in the NFL. He continues to put up numbers, but is he a Hall of Famer?

He spent his first four seasons after college on practice squads, or in NFL Europe. This hurts his overall numbers, but since 2005 Harrison has been one of the most dominant players in the NFL. Harrison will eventually retire, and when he does, he should be a no doubt Hall of Famer.

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