MMA fighter cut friend’s heart out after taking mushrooms

The moral of this story: Don’t go in for a hardcore shroom session with MMA fighter Jarrod Wyatt.

Dateline: Crescent City, California. March 21, 2010, Jarrod Wyatt’s house at the mouth of the Klamath River. Authorities arrive after a 911 call, unsure of what they’ll find at the Brass Knuckle Promotions’ fighter’s abode.

Inside the house was a veritable blood-and-gore fest. Wyatt’s sparring partner, 21-year-old Taylor Powell, or what was left of him, sat on the couch, naked. On further examination, Powell’s chest had been cut open like a butchered pig, his heart removed…as was his tongue. Much of the skin of his face had been scraped off.

Powell’s heart was found charring in a nearby wood-burning stove. Officers who arrived on the scene asked what the hell happened, and a deranged Jarrod Wyatt offered a chilling reply.

“I killed him”

Jarrod Wyatt

Making matters even more mind-bogglingly horrific: An autopsy later revealed Wyatt had removed Powell’s organs while he was still alive. In the pantheon of horrendous deaths at the hands of professional athletes, this abysmal manner of departing the earth has to rank near the top.

Jarrod Wyatt (Image source/Del Norte County Sheriff's Department)
Jarrod Wyatt (Image source/Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department)

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According to witnesses, the duo had ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms prior to the violence and the situation deteriorated from there. And—wait for it—they (or at the very least, Wyatt) believed they were engaged in a struggle between God and the devil. Wyatt, who was playing the part of God, vanquished the unfortunate Mr. Powell, whom the former perceived as Satan himself, according to court documents.

Wyatt pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and mayhem charges in September, 2012, according CBS News. The former MMA fighter agreed to a plea deal in which he will serve 50 years to life in prison, electing not to go to trial so as to save Taylor Powell’s family the misery of recounting the young man’s unimaginably gruesome demise.

Absolutely horrendous stuff and a grim reminder that while you’re not going to die of a shroom overdose, you can’t guarantee nobody else will as a result of your bad trip.

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