Hypocrisy oozes out of Pittsburgh after Antonio Brown goes Live

During each summer for the past five years, the NFL and HBO have come together to feature a show called Hard Knocks that goes behind the scenes of a specific team as they go through their training camp before the start of another grueling season. Thanks to the show, viewers have been able to experience some of the sights and sounds that they previously did not have access to.

It is a program that most would deem inappropriate to be viewed by children due to the excessive amount of cursing that comes out the mouths of coaches and players. But for most people above the legal drinking age, what is being said is nothing that has not been heard before.

The NFL has been supporting the production of this show since the first season aired back in 2001 with the Baltimore Ravens. Which is why the outrage from many over Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown broadcasting live on Facebook from the team’s locker room after their recent playoff win over the Kansas City Chiefs seems a bit odd.

What Brown did is basically the concept of Hard Knocks minus the fancy editing and bold voiced narrator. He provided fans of his and the Steelers with an all-access look into a part of the team that likely had never been seen by those watching.

For the hundreds of thousands of people that have viewed the video, they were able to see some of their favorite players celebrating a big playoff win and hear another side of the team’s head coach as he delivered an uncensored postgame speech to his locker room.

So instead of the organization just owning up to likely acting how any other team would have after a playoff victory, Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin criticized Brown for giving the public some unexpected exclusive access.

Tomlin used words like foolish, selfish, and inconsiderate when he talked to the media about what his wide receiver decided to do. A bit harsh for a player that is a big reason for why the Steelers are now just one game away from playing in this year’s Super Bowl.

What Brown did was not disrespectful in any way to anyone in the organization.

Steelers head Coach Mike Tomlin can criticize Antonio Brown all he wants, but he also knows the wide receiver is a big part of the team's success in 2016. (Photo Source: Twitter)
Steelers head Coach Mike Tomlin can criticize Antonio Brown all he wants, but he also knows the wide receiver is a huge part of the team’s success in 2016. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Perhaps the league and team were upset that they could not cash in on the access the receiver provided? What Brown did was much better than the NFL releasing a boring, highly edited clip of Tomlin delivering a bland speech to his players.

It is pretty safe to say that the wide receiver will not be broadcasting live on Facebook in the presence of his teammates anytime soon. But if Brown and the Steelers end up on the winning podium after a victory in Super Bowl 51 in a few weeks, do not be surprised if another live video from Brown and his teammates celebrating pops up.

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