Marshawn Lynch spotted popping wheelies in Scotland

Marshawn Lynch seems be enjoying retirement. The former Seahawks running back has been spotted in Europe, popping wheelies and playing chicken with city buses.

Beast Mode is a one of a kind character. Always authentic and never apologetic, Marshawn Lynch remains true to himself. Known for making plays with his legs, Lynch is pretty good on a bike as well. In a recent trip to Scotland, Marshawn showed off his skills.

Maybe Marshawn forgot what side of the road they drive on in the UK, I doubt it though.┬áLynch doesn’t strike me as a man who fears much of anything. He was ready to take that bus head on, like it was a DB coming up to stop the run.

Lynch decided to casually slide right past the oncoming vehicle, but apparently the bus got off easy. That bus driver will think twice before coming down Marshawn’s street again. Perhaps Lynch wasn’t phased because of his past experiences┬áoperating vehicles in traffic.

This is still my favorite Marshawn Lynch highlight, but the bike stunt is a close second. Beast Mode will go down as one the best running backs to ever play the game, but let’s take the time to appreciate his off-field personality as well. You have to┬áadmire somebody not afraid to be themselves, no matter the situation.

It’s a shame Lynch had such a rocky relationship with the media because he is one of the most interesting athletes we’ve ever seen. Lynch has appeared in commercials and TV shows since retiring, and I’m here for all of it. There’s no such thing as too much Marshawn, give that man a late night show. Marshawn on the field was a joy to watch, but as he settles into retirement, I can only imagine what he has in store for us next.

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