Odell Beckham Jr Shows Off His Athleticism with SICK Dunks

Odell Beckham Jr has become a household name in the NFL with his electrifying plays on the field. Best known for his one handed catches and dance moves, Odell is showing off another side to himself and his athletic talents.

Odell may be sitting out of the playoffs but he’s still making sure he’s the topic of conversation taking his talents to the basketball courts to show off some freakishly athletic dunks. Just to put into perspective, there are professional basketball players in the league now that can’t perform some of these dunks. Watch:


I bounce back like 2-3 wit 4-5???#SlamDunkSaturday

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If you thought the post was a fluke and could be a product of good stretching (and maybe really good editing) here’s another video of OBJ getting way up and putting his hops on full display:

Odell’s athleticism doesn’t stop there, he’s shown above average skills in baseball too. On both the pitching and catching sides. Watch him strike out a player with an insane fastball, and then obliterate a pitch during two separate Charity softball games:


Say what you want about Odell, can he be a little extra? Yea. Does he have primadonna tendencies? Yea. Can he even be a distraction at times? Yes. But anyone that can get on a treadmill and do some crazy shit like this, you give that man a pass!

I’m gon get right!!!! ALLL summer 16 #LookN

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Plain and simple, Odell’s ability to do just about anything is testament to his all-round ability as an athlete. It’s undeniable, as long as he’s winning and making plays Odell is the player you want on your team. You can almost forgive the ill-advised timing of his Bieber-bro vacay in Florida

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