Clearly drunk Patriots owner gets stink eye from Bill Belichick

When you’re worth $5 billion and own the most successful franchise in the nation’s richest league, you can do whatever you want. But just because you can do it doesn’t mean you won’t be judged for it.

A clearly drunk Robert Kraft accepted the trophy after the Patriots dispatched the Steelers in the AFC Championship game for the right to play in the Super Bowl, much to the chagrin of one Bill Belichick. Watch as the team’s coach scowls at its owner stumbling through his address to the crowd:

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Bill Belichick has to be the world’s unhappiest coach. Him or Nick Saban. For how much winning the Patriots do, you rarely see a smile creep across his face. The Pats have won the AFC East eight years running and 13 of the last 14 years.

For all the accolades the franchise gets for “doing things the right way,” there have been a few times when they didn’t.

The first controversy the Patriots found themselves embroiled in was “Spygate,” where they were caught stealing signals from the Jets’ defensive coordinators by secretly videotaping them unauthorized locations.


For this, Coach Belichick was personally fined $500,000 by the league and the team was docked its first round draft pick in the 2008 draft. Almost 10 years later, the Pats have yet to shed their reputation as “cheaters’ around the league.

The second strike against the organization is Aaron Hernandez, who murdered some people while moonlighting as a tight end for the Patriots. Not “a person” but “some people.”

Former tight end Aaron Hernandez. (Image source: Twitter)
Former tight end Aaron Hernandez. (Image source: Twitter)




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One killing? Ok, everybody makes mistakes. But three people dead in two separate shootings? Come on, guys.

It seems the working environment created by Bill Belichick isn’t ideal. Eeveryone is under an unhealthy amount of pressure. General Patton taught us “pressure makes diamonds,” but it also makes things explode.

Coach Belichick would do well to take a page out of old Robert’s book and let his hair down every once in awhile. You’re going to the Super Bowl. Crack a smile, it won’t kill you – but keep scowling and one of your players might.

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