Cab driver claims John Elway is best QB ever not knowing he’s in the back seat

What would you do if you were talking about John Elway, then find out he’s been listening to you the entire time? That’s what happened to a Washington cab driver when a group of people piled into his cab and started talking about football. Cab driver Sam Snow got the surprise of his life when he realized the Broncos’ GM was in his back seat.

That encounter happened Friday while Elway was in the capital for the presidential inauguration. During the cab ride, Sam Snow mentioned he was a huge football fan but was totally unaware that he was driving around one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. The good news is Sam only had great things to say about Elway. Even saying he’s the best NFL quarterback of all time when asked who was in his top 3. He also included Super Bowl LI bound Tom Brady and Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. Watch the surprise encounter below:

While the encounter was amusing, it’s not the only social media post that has people talking. Though the Broncos have stated they’re not interested in trading for Tony Romo that didn’t stop a very interesting photo of the Hall of Famer and Cowboys backup QB looking pretty chummy at a party and subsequently fueling the NFL rumor mill:

We all know Tony Romo lost his starting position to rookie quarterback Dak Prescott while he was nursing an injury. With no seemingly major reason to immediately bring Romo back as the starter next season, a trade to Denver would make a lot of sense. Right now everything is just speculation, but in the world of professional sports, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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