Robin Lopez won’t stop terrorizing NBA mascots

Chicago Bulls center Robin Lopez has been tormenting mascots in the league for a long time. Whether it’s the mascots from San Antonio, Orlando or Detroit, the big man is an equal opportunity tormentor and a serial mascot abuser.

Robin Lopez has been very publicly abusing other teams’ mascots in their own arena for years. The first encounter came in 2013 when the Detroit Pistons’ mascot Hooper, donned a wig to poke fun of Robin’s unruly locks in hopes to rile him up. Welp, not only did Hooper succeed but he got way more than he bargained for. Watch Robin snatch his wig and smack him:

Since this incident, Robin has gone on an all out tirade. He’s stepped his abuse up a notch with pushing, chasing and even breaking their props for everyone to see:

Seriously, what is going on? I’m sure a child is watching in horror somewhere in the arena. The best part about all of this is he’s now doing it during games. He doesn’t even wait anymore, he’s graduated from playful pregame to carving out moments during a time out to let these mascots know how he really feels:

Robin’s hatred for mascots runs deep, back to his childhood. When asked about why he’s developed this habit, in an interview he goes on to say:

“I feel like my earliest encounters with mascots, they were never too receptive of me, I was a taller child. I always looked a little older than I was. I don’t think I ever got proper attention from those mascots.

I really hate the Detroit Pistons’ mascot, Hooper. A lot of beef with him for a long time. I feel like I’m doing humanity’s work. I’m trying to be the people’s champion.”

Robin Lopez

Lopez has even gone as far as to threaten Detroit’s mascot via Twitter:

Clearly, no one’s safe. I’m honestly not even surprised Robin is in the middle of this war with mascots. He’s kind of like the Screech Powers of the NBA. Him feuding with these mascots makes sense in a weird way.

This is clearly a war, with no end in sight.

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