Russell Westbrook channels all his rage into a single dunk

Russell Westbrook’s revenge tour began in the summer after Kevin Durant left him for the Warriors. Russ has been a one man wrecking crew. He is currently averaging a triple double while leading his talent stricken Thunder team to a wining record. After a recent dust up with Warriors center Zaza Pachulia, Russ now has his sights set on another foe.

NBA Beef Alert! In a recent game between the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook showed just how much he dislikes Jazz center Rudy Gobert. Westbrook always plays with an edge, but he had a little something extra for the 7-foot Frenchman.

This is probably the best missed dunk in NBA history. Gobert is arguably the best defensive center in the league and at least 7 feet tall – and there have been MANY greats over the years, just like these guys…

None of this matters to Westbrook, who was looking to end Gobert’s life on a monster jam. If you watch until the end of the video, you can see Gobert waiving his finger like he did something to stop that dunk. His face tells another story, there is a clear look of relief. Gobert knows Westbrook was inches away from snatching his soul right out of his body.

Gobert is no offensive juggernaut, but he is having a breakout season and is easily a top 5 center. Doesn’t matter how good your defense is, though – some players just got that juice and no amount of defense is gonna stop them from driving to the hoop. Where does Russ fit into this pantheon of the best dunkers ever?

Westbrook laughed off the thought of Gobert as an offensive threat, setting the table for their eventual collision course. Westbrook eventually got the last laugh as well, knocking down a game winner to give the Thunder a 97-95 victory.

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Russell continues to do amazing things on the court, and it now seems like he’s out to destroy opposing players on a nightly basis. Russ continues his no new friends policy, adding Gobert to the list of players he has no love for. This makes the upcoming all-star game more interesting. Gobert could potentially join Westbrook and Durant on the Western Conference team. Has anybody tried to dunk on their own teammate during a game? I wouldn’t put it past Russell Westbrook.

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