Rugby player calmly pops dislocated shoulder back into place (mid game)

In the dying minutes of a game, there was one man who wasn’t going to leave the field. 

With 3 minutes left on the clock, and a comfortable lead, Warriors winger Sean Lamont got himself into an awkward position to make a tackle. Lamont is no small man (6′ 2,” and 230 pounds), but the force of Smith was enough to tweak his shoulder from its socket.

Unfazed, Lamont quickly pops it back into place before continuing with his defensive responsibilities. What a moment of pure badassary.


As one viewer commented: “No worries, he was just reloading.”

The best thing about this whole clip is that the penalty was awarded against Lamont for not wrapping his arms around the player. This is a crucial tenant of technique, to those of you who unaware – I’m looking at you handegg (American Football) supporters.

Even the commentators are having a go at Lamont for a poor tackle, and the player just stands their looking contrite as legendary referee, Nigel Owens, awards the penalty against him.

Watching clips like this makes you proud to be a rugby fan. No nonsense, no dissent, just a piece of courage within the context of a fast moving game. There ain’t no time outs, no egotistical displays and no protracted rules discussions; the referee’s decision is final. Accept it and play on.

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