Chargers allegedly hired fake fans to cheer for them in Los Angeles

Following their recent announcement to relocate to from San Diego to Los Angeles, the decision by the Chargers franchise has not really been supported by many in their new city. So much so that the organization reportedly sent out a casting call for people to act as their fans at a recent event.

In an effort to stir up some excitement about their move, the team recently decided to hold a pep rally in their new hometown. Perhaps in an attempt to make sure the event was full of attendees, the Chargers allegedly sent out a casting call announcement for people to act as their fans at the rally.

This according to a Twitter user who alleged that his brother received a call about pretending to a fan of the team at their event.

If this is actually true, it is pretty embarrassing that the Chargers could not even find enough people in a city populated by almost four million to attend an event celebrating their decision to move. The team is expected to play in a stadium with a capacity under 30,000 for the next two seasons and they may struggle to even fill that for every home game if this rally is any indication of their support in Los Angeles.

The lack of turnout could have also been attributed to poor planning by the Chargers as well. Instead of holding the rally on a weekend when more people likely would have attended, the team opted to hold the event at noon on a Wednesday when the average citizen is busy for the day at their job.

There were actually a few real Chargers fans that decided to attend the rally. One person in particular made sure the team knew how he felt about their choice to leave San Diego.

Obviously this fan is not too excited with the Chargers moving to Los Angeles. But it is hard to blame the guy for being frustrated given that the franchise just abandoned a city in San Diego that supported the team for 56 years.

The Chargers made the move because they felt it was in the best interest of the franchise’s future. But their failed attempt at a pep rally just further proves the team is still frighteningly oblivious to the lack of support shown by their new home in the City of Angels.

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