Korean Basketball League hits the Mannequin Challenge in the middle of All-Star game

A Korean Basketball League did the Mannequin Challenge in the middle of their All-Star game and about two months after the frenzy died out. I guess as the saying goes “better late than never.”

If you remember back in November, the Mannequin Challenge swept the nation. The challenge is simple, everyone involved remains still to impersonate a mannequin. Though a Korean Basketball league got the memo a little late, during their All-Star game they pulled off a very well executed challenge that consisted of both teams on the floor, the coaches and even the referees. Watch:

Why they decided to do this in the middle of January? No one knows, but the crowd was still amused as it erupted once they figured out the choreographed stillness was on purpose. In honor of the Mannequin Challenge, here’s a look back at some of the best entries while it was going viral:

The Cleveland Cavaliers doing the challenge in the White House after they won the NBA Championship last year:

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New York Giants gave their own rendition that even included the team owners:

The Pittsburgh Steelers almost pulled off the perfect mannequin challenge; unfortunately, at least two players in the video didn’t get the mannequin memo.


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With both the Pro Bowl and the NBA All-Star game coming up, there’s a chance that the mannequin challenge can make a comeback, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Challenges like these are a flash in the pan. It’s best to enjoy them for what they are and move on.

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