Dwight Howard makes awkward “D” jokes with female reporter

Much has been said about Dwight Howard’s behavior throughout his career. Once perceived to be a possible game changing player in the NBA, is now just a punchline around the league. While Dwight never asserted himself as the player franchises were betting on, one thing that’s remained constant is his child-like behavior that he still can’t shake. He proved this (yet again) during a postgame interview with a female reporter on Wednesday night.

It’s safe to say immaturity has often plagued Dwight Howard’s career. The 31-year-old, 6’11, 265 lb center has never truly acted his age. While at times it was cute, maybe even a little funny, his inability to snap back into a grown man has always been in question. A perfect example was all the “D” jokes he made during a postgame interview that just couldn’t be ignored. The star center credited the Hawks defense in a win, but saying “defense” wouldn’t do. He found amusement in substituting the word “defense” for “D” and couldn’t hold back boyish giggles in between, watch:

Oh Dwight Howard. “D” jokes are neither clever or original. I’m not sure what’s worse to watch, the reporter trying to power through an interview with him or watching him be so amused by such a simple “joke.” Dwight Howard really just can’t help himself, when he sees an opportunity to confirm he has the maturity level of a 13-year-old boy, he takes it.

Point #2: When he acted like he was going to shake Jeremy Lin’s hand and then “dabbed” on him during a game:

The problem with Dwight Howard isn’t just his silliness. There’s nothing wrong with having a personality and being playful. Especially for centers; they’re so massive in size, it would make sense to have a larger than life personality. However in Dwight’s case he has to remember if he wants to do things like this:

Then he needs to back it up like that:

Being the funniest player on a string of bad teams isn’t going to get Dwight where he probably should have been a long time ago. Get it together, and act your age. Focus less on the “D” and worry about getting a “T” (Trophy).

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