Just hours after Trump’s announcement, a refugee starts

Liberian-born refugee Darlington Nagbe fled Liberia with his brother and mother in 2001.

Nagbe is just like every other US citizen, he’s an immigrant. And yeah, unless you hail from an indigenous group, so are you!

Nagbe fled Liberia when he was 11 years old, hardly a dissimilar set of circumstances to an Irish child who fled the potato famine 150 years before him. The difference, Nagbe is originally from one of the seven named countries who have been the subject of a 90-day travel ban, part of a series of controversial measures from the new president.

Liberian-born refugee Darlington Nagbe has been contributing for the country that took him in during the Bush presidency.

He attended university in Ohio before receiving his Green Card in 2012 and full US citizenship three years later, and was part of the Portland Timbers team that won the 2015 MLS Cup.

Nagbe earned his 12th international cap yesterday, coming close to opening the scoring at the Qualcomm Stadium.

It’s stressful to think we’re at a point where Kim Kardashian’s Twitter account can rationally espouse the general sentiment.

An anti-Drumpf petition to stop his UK state visit has passed 1.2m signatures in little over a day.

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