The top earners in the 2017 Six Nations

Rugby salaries: a contested issue that involves caps, and certain rules and regs which seem longer than a list of HMRC tax instructions – ‘you can’t play for X nation, if you’re playing in Y country’.

The authorities’ ruling creates a grey area, meaning certain nations’ best players are genuinely prohibited from playing on the biggest stage, the World Cup. It’s wrong, it’s killing development of players at international level.

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Regardless, the other big tournament where just about every public schoolboy suddenly becomes a rugby expert for six weeks is upon us; yes, the Six Nations. And with a little tweaking of the rules here and there, it has seen some players bugger off abroad, and then still get picked by the likes of Wales and Ireland.

There’s big, big money being earn’t, but these top athletes earnings look like a piss in the ocean compared to other sports. Still, here’s the top earners salaries per annum…


Not a bad set of players, still, can’t help but feel that rugby players are completely pied when comparing their earnings to other sport; must be a tough one to take for the majority of egg chasers.

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