Former MLB player gets roasted on Twitter for comments about protesters

Aubrey Huff has since deleted his tweet about the protesters. But that did not stop Twitter from flaming the former journeyman first baseman.

Aubrey Huff is a former World Series Champion, and seems pretty outspoken on political issues. He took to Twitter to slam protesters angered by the recent executive order signed by the President. The new travel ban keeps refugees from entering the country for 120 days. It also halts immigration from 7 countries with high Muslim populations for 3 months. The executive order came without much discussion and there many questions surrounding its legality, as well as its effectiveness in combating terrorism. Huff instead questioned protesters on where they found the time to protest and why they didn’t have jobs.


I do not know if Aubrey Huff has found other employment since retiring, but that didn’t stop him. Huff decided to send his tweet out on a Sunday, when many Americans have the day off. Twitter has given athletes a unique opportunity to speak their minds and interact with fans. Although I disagree with Huff whole heartedly, he does have the right to state his opinions on social media. Huff seemed unprepared for the backlash he received, because his tweets started to get petty.

Huff has since apologized for his tweets, standing by his political views, but regretting getting into it with fans.

 “I don’t apologize for my political views, but I do apologize for rubbing this fancy little life in people’s faces — making millions of dollars, retired, not having to sit in rush-hour traffic. That was childish. I’m sorry.”

Aubrey Huff

The line between politics and sports is becoming blurred, and with the new administration it now seems the line between politics and human decency is also fuzzy. With more access than ever to athletes, their voices are being heard loud and clear.

Whether you agree with Huff or Lowry, it has become difficult for athletes to simply stick to sports. Although I disagree with Huff, he shouldn’t have to hide his political affiliations simply because he is an athlete. If an athlete does choose to voice their opinion publicly, they must be prepared to answer questions. Especially with such a polarizing President currently in office.

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