Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial is about immigrants; “accidentally” throws shade on Trump

“Remember when advertisers just waited until the big game to show their ads? Pepperidge Farms remembers.” Never a truer sentence uttered, but here’s a premature gaze at Budweiser’s freshest brew, packed and ready for the Super Bowl.

You’d be a fool to suggest this commercial was signed, sealed and delivered in the aftermath of Drumpfs controversial Executive order, but its timing is quite something.

The commercial, titled “Born the Hard Way,” and set in the 1800s, follows Busch as he sails through storms to reach the United States, faces discrimination because of his German heritage (Americans he meets tell him “go back home” and “you’re not wanted here”). Eventually, he arrives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Budweiser claims this whole thing was one big coincidence, as Ricardo Marques, vice president of marketing at Budweiser, suggests:

“A story we believe will resonate with today’s entrepreneurial generation — those who will continue to strive for their dreams.”

Anyway, the YouTube comments section was littered with genius and stupidity in equal lashings. Liberal agenda, fake news, marxist agenda…whatever, I don’t care. This commercial is one hell of a coincidence and that’s all I’m saying. I’ll let a selection of comments articulate the view you may or may not have.

“How quickly people have forgotten that America was literally built by immigrants, for immigrants….”

“If liberals are trying to point the finger at us conservatives about this video, “You’re not wanted here! Go back home!”, I laugh because this guy didn’t come to America illegally.”

“Man. He traveled a long way to make brewed piss.”

“Liberal propaganda in a BEER COMMERCIAL? Can you get any more pathetic?”

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