Raiders’ Punter Marquette King Talks to People on the Street Who Have No Clue Who He Is

This season, Raiders punter Marquette King definitely made a name for himself. Which isn’t easy being that not many punters in the league gain a lot of attention. In fact, punters actually get no attention. They basically are at the bottom of the NFL food chain. Marquette proves this as he takes to the streets and talks to fans who have no idea who he is.

This season Marquette King showed off his larger than life personality. So much so, that he’s garnered the reputation as “the swaggiest punter” in the NFL. What exactly gives him swag? Could be his punt celebrations:


Or the fact that he has an ability to do things like this:

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Either way, Marquette is gaining popularity at a rate that many punters don’t receive. Unfortunately that didn’t translate to the streets of Orlando during Pro Bowl. Without even wearing a disguise Marquette speaks to people on the street as they trash punters and try to explain to him why punters in the NFL suck:


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Even with his growing popularity, Marquette is still unrecognizable to football fans. One thing for sure is, the quickest way to get some attention is definitely hanging with a certain blonde haired wide receiver:

Clearly King’s popularity is only going to get stronger. He has all the ingredients of being a marketable superstar in the NFL. The best thing about it is he really could pull it off and create a brand new identity for punters to come. Look for Marquette to have a breakout year next season and bring some swag back to punting.

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