Kobe Bryant memorabilia stolen from his high school

Kobe Bryant’s alma mater, Lower Merion High School, got an unpleasant surprise Monday morning when thieves nabbed some of Kobe’s high school memorabilia. Some time on Sunday, the display case that was once a shrine of the Laker Legend and beacon of hope for students, is now a mere reminder of theft.

Lower Merion police is currently investigating the theft of a framed replica of Bryant’s jersey. As well as a Boys Basketball State Championship trophy, net from the title game, and several pairs of autographed Nike sneakers. The Director of Community Relations for Lower Merion, Doug Young (and Bryant’s former teammate) said this about the incident:

“We’re bummed. It’s a replica jersey, it’s not even the jersey he wore in high school. I’m not sure what someone would do with a state championship trophy. For us, the items are important because they represent some really wonderful memories.”

-Doug Young

This is what’s left of the display case:

Bryant was a four year starter at Lower Merion. He declared for the NBA shortly after his senior season. Though Kobe’s professional playing days are behind him, his impact on culture and the NBA remains untouched. Most recently, with the biggest headline being the Patriots winning Super Bowl 51, the general consensus is Tom Brady’s legacy being comparable to greats like Kobe Bryant:


It still feels as though Kobe is as relevant as he’s ever been, despite being retired for almost a year. For many people, Kobe’s a living legend. Though it’s unfortunate his memorabilia was stolen, it’s also a reminder that he is still a fiery fixture in sports culture.

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