High school sophomore LaMelo Ball drops 92 points in a game

Clearly, it’s a whole new “Ball” game. The youngest of the breakout Ball brothers is surely making a name for himself. The Chino Hills sophomore dropped a school record breaking 92 points, with 41 points in the fourth quarter alone.

LaMelo Ball isn’t even old enough to drive and has already committed to playing at UCLA. Actually, he committed to UCLA before ever playing a high school game. The university is a school that has heavy stock in the Ball brother investment. The Ball brothers are 3 brothers (all with the initials LB) Lonzo, LiAngelo & LaMelo who’ve been taking the basketball world by storm since the young age of 8. The California natives have been making highlight plays all of their lives. Most recently garnering attention for their flashy play and signature name.





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Melo is following the footsteps of his older brother Lonzo, who is currently a freshmen at UCLA and projected to be a lottery NBA pick this year. LiAngelo, the middle brother will also be attending UCLA next fall and has been averaging well over 30 points per game his senior season. But the best Ball brother may be the baby of the family, LaMelo. Dazzling fans with calling AND making half court shots:

Ankle breaking crossovers:

Or pouring in 92 points in a game:

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LaMelo is a 15 year old phenom, period. How the hell do you score 92 points in 32 minutes of basketball…in high school?! Teams don’t even score that much in an entire game. His basketball IQ is in his DNA. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also had two older brothers to bang around with. UCLA made the best investment with the Ball brothers. Look for LaMelo to continue making jaw dropping headlines for Chino Hills.

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