ULCA cheerleader dropped twice in 20 seconds during timeout

NCAA tournament-bound UCLA pulled off a rare feat against Pac-12 power Oregon by getting a W and two Ls on the night, as they beat the Ducks by three points but dropped one cheerleader two times. Sounds confusing, I know. It starrted out as a failed pyramid scheme – but the thing that makes this truly remarkable is that her manbulance crashes almost immediately, so the poor cheerleader gets dropped two times in like 20 seconds. Watch:


That sucks big time for her; I’m not gonna put her name here ’cause she probably doesn’t want to be associated with this unfortunately hilarious video.

The best part is the horrified looks on the faces of the bystanders, unable to believe they’d just seen captain save a hizzo crash and burn like the f—n Challenger. If you’re gonna sprint out there like that, you can’t drop the girl who just got a concussion in front of thousands of people. Not sure what his job title is but he should definitely be fired.

Source: YouTube
The other cheerleaders, the fans, even the usher is in disbelief. (Image source: YouTube)

The game itself had Tournament implications – all that happened during a timeout. Fans definitely got their money’s worth. UCLA’s Lonzo Ball – whose little brother just went off for 92 points in a high school game – iced the game with a deep 3 with about 30 seconds left to put the game out of reach. Call me crazy, but Lonzo Ball might just be a lottery pick in the Draft this year.

Ball hit that from way outside NBA range. Steph Curry got everybody thinking they Steph Curry. While the Bruins are certainly losing Lonzo Ball to the NBA after his freshman year, he’s got two younger brothers who have already committed to the school. The 3 Ball brothers really killing the game. Here’s LiAngelo – the middle brother; currently a senior in high school who will be at UCLA next year – dropping 72 points in a game.

The youngest one might be the best of all, probably from having two big brothers beat up on him his whole life. LaMelo, who’s a sophomore in high school, might casually hit pull up J from half court in a game or mess around and drop 92 points. 92. That’s 8 away from Wilt, arguably the most legendary athlete ever. Peep these true stories below about him and tell me with a straight face that there will ever be a more extraordinary athlete to walk the Earth:


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