Warriors reverse troll Thunder by clowning KD

There is a rivalry brewing in the Western Conference. Kevin Durant returned to his old stomping grounds in Oklahoma City and let’s just say, there’s no love lost. The Golden State Warriors beat the Thunder 130 to 114. However, the real headline was watching the Warriors troll the Thunder after getting their win.

The Thunder and Warriors match up was fiery to say the least. Kevin Durant returned to OKC as a visitor and was met with jeers and taunts not only from the crowd, but from his former teammates. Things got chippy in the 3rd quarter when Kevin & Russell had some words after a made 3 pointer:

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Russ wasn’t the only one that was fired up; a usually cool Andre Roberson seemed to have had enough of KD too:

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To make matter worse, the entire arena was wearing cupcake gear. Why? Apparently when Kendrick Perkins was on the team, he use to call teammates that were acting soft “cupcake.” OKC took that tidbit and ran with it as their go-to KD insult:

Learning about this little inside joke that night, the Warriors had the last laugh as both Steph Curry and Draymond Green wore cupcake shirts to their post game interviews:


Kevin Durant may be new to the team but the Warriors clearly have his back. In a hostile environment, things could have gone very differently but KD should know he’s on a team that’s willing to stand by him. The Warriors are 3-0 against the Thunder so far this season, each win by at least 16 points. For the Warriors, if Kevin Durant is a cupcake, then the Warriors have a HUGE sweet tooth.

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